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A selection of shipping documents and forms for your cargo

Whether importing, exporting or shipping cargo domestically it is a requirement that the correct shipping documents and forms are completed to detail the particulars of the cargo. The party sending the cargo must ensure that the shipping documents and forms accurately reflect the contents of the cargo in order to make sure the goods pass smoothly through all customs clearance points through to the delivery destination.

There are numerous shipping documents and forms that relate to specific materials such as timber, asbestos and hazardous goods or chemicals. It is a good idea to familarise yourself with the laws and restrictions surrounding the cargo you are looking to transport within the exporting country and the importing country.

Our team have compiled a library of shipping documents and forms for customers requiring freight services whether domestic or international. These forms are available to download and use to assist you with any import or export of cargo via sea, land or air. For further information please contact our friendly team of specialists

Shipping Document: Manufacturer’s / Shipper’s declaration

Shipping Document: B534e (Personal Effects and Shipping Statement) - Declaration

Shipping Document: (AUSFTA) Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement - Statement of US ORIGIN

Shipping Document: Asbestos Declaration

Shipping Document: Across the Ocean Shipping - Letter of Authorisation

Shipping Document: Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Declaration for Export Cargo - By Shipper

This is the form used by the Shipper to record and declare the VGM of an Export Container as per above VGM Notice .

Shipping Document: Sending your Personal Belongings to Australia

Shipping Document:Packing Declaration

Shipping Document: New Un-used Declaration for Machinery

Our Company Documents: Across the Ocean Shipping USA - Terms and Conditions